Dr. Kaluba kapapula

Dr. Kaluba Kapapula is the Founder and Director of Twin Palm Leadership University, published author, pastor, evangelist, and conference speaker. He is one of the prominent shakers and movers of Zambia, Africa. He is a husband and a father of four.

minister precious kapapula

Precious is a graduate of Kaniki University and Deputy Director of Twin Palm Leadership University. She is a gifted speaker and teacher. She is the wife of Dr. Kapapula and mother of four. She has a call to make an impact on her homeland, Zambia, Africa.

dr. cosmos zgambo

Dr. Cosmos is a powerful man of God from Livingston, Zambia. He is blazing a trail of anointing with Holy Ghost fire, many are being saved, healed, and delivered through him. We are so glad to have him on board with Alpha Beth Ministries.