Minister Bonnie Alvarado is the founder and director of EXTENDED HOPE MINISTRIES. Bonnie's mission is to help women and families to find wholeness after abortion. Mrs. Alvarado's ministry and work has helped many live victorious lives. She believes in the healing of the deep emotional and paralyzing scars of abortion. She is available for both post and pre-abortion counseling.

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    Diane Perry is our Intercessory Prayer Leader. She has a call to intercession and is gifted to speak words of faith.  Every Thursday evening, she facilitates our Intercessory Prayer Meeting.   

    If you have a special prayer request, click the picture at left to send an email to alphabeth@tcsn.net.


    (Currently in hiatus) The Revival Center Team sets up a tent on the corners of Ninth and Spring Streets every Thurdsay from 1- 4 pm.

    We make ourselves available to the city and whoever needs prayer. It is amazing to see pedestrians, drivers, bikers, and skateboarders, stop and have their needs brought to the Lord through this ministry.

    The team is there strictly for prayer; we do not counsel. We are merely lifting up Jesus and watching the power of God at work.